In the first week of December, gruesome characters walk through the Gastein Valley, accompanied by loud chain rattling and wild dancing. The traditional Gastein Krampus run on 5. and December 6th upholds ancient customs. Accompanied by Santa Claus, basket bearers and angels, the passports go from house to house to drive away evil and reward good. And that’s what you want to experience.

The highlight in Gastein Advent

Krampus and Nikolaus occupy an exceptional position among the numerous Advent customs and traditions in Gastein. In contrast to many other places in the Salzburger Land, the Gastein Krampus Run is not a Krampus run in the classic sense. The passes do not run through the villages, marveled at by the crowds, but move from house to house from the middle of the afternoon onwards. On December 5th, it is mainly the town centers of Dorfgastein, Bad Gastein and Bad Hofgastein that will have their turn, followed the next day by peripheral areas and more rural areas.

Gastein’s fifth season

The Gastein Krampus Passes, of which there are currently around 80 to 100, play a special role, because in contrast to other regions, the residents of (almost) all ages look forward to the visit of the wild figures. Locals even consider these days to be the fifth season of the year. Each pass consists of a Santa Claus with a guazl carrier, the basket carrier, and at least one angel, accompanied by at least four Krampussen (Klauauf). The mixture of small gifts from Santa Claus and the loud roar of the gruesome figures makes a big impression, especially on children. You want to be particularly good next year!

Were you well behaved? Perhaps you will come to visit Nikolaus and Krampus in the Steindlwirt – we are definitely looking forward to your visit and take your pre-Christmas Vacation request happy to meet you!

Copyright photo: Gasteinertal Tourism

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