Health and prevention play a central role in the Gastein Valley, as not only shown by the various thermal baths and wellness facilities every day. The traditional cure in Gastein has enjoyed great popularity for decades, and the Gastein healing cave is partly responsible for this phenomenon. Its natural radon content, combined with humidity and warmth, ensures a success rate of almost 90%.

This is how radon therapy helps in Gastein

Scientific research has been carried out on the Heilstollen, its radon content and its effects on various ailments and ailments since 1946. Absorbed via the skin surface and the respiratory tract, radon stimulates the cell metabolism and naturally stimulates its DNA repair ability. This activation of the immune system can relieve pain over the long term, inhibit inflammation in the body and significantly reduce the use of medication. At the same time, radon therapy serves as an excellent immune prophylaxis and strengthens the body’s defenses, especially before the next cold and flu season.

Off to the tunnel

The Heilstollen is open every day except Sundays and offers entries every two hours from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m., from August to October even until 4 p.m. After the medical check, you will receive a short introductory lecture, then the Heilstollen train will take you about 2 km into the mountain. Here you will spend approx. One hour of therapy at 37 ° C with approx. 70% humidity. It is recommended to consume about half a liter of water before starting therapy. Resting phases are particularly important after the application, physical exertion should be avoided – a half-hour break is mandatory.

Your hotel at the Gasteiner Heilstollen is the Steindlwirt. In just under half an hour by car you can reach the therapy center and enjoy the wonderful relaxation and pampering program in our house. Do you already have one non-binding offer requested?

Copyright photo: Gasteiner Heilstollen

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